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123 N. Hill St
South Bend, IN 46617


Sell Your Food at Purple Porch Co-op

Two opportunities: During our weekly Wednesday Market
and in our store

Two ways to sell your Goods at Purple Porch Co-op

  1. In the Store:  If you are a local/regional food producer interested in selling your products in our store, please contact our General Manager - Myles Robertson - at or 574-287-6724.  If you are neither Local (60 miles) or Regional (400 miles) - please contact our our General Manager - Myles Robertson - at or 574-287-6724.
  2. In the Wednesday Market: If you a local food producer (within 60 miles of South Bend, IN) interested in participating in our Wednesday Local Food Farmers Market - please fill our an application (see process below).

Become a Food Producer for our Wednesday Market

Here is some guidance in a nutshell to get you started:

  1. Download, complete and submit:
    • a copy of the Producer Application concerning your production methods and other questions about your product and farm or business.
    • You may fill out the form on your computer, save it and email it to - or you may print it out, fill it out with a pen/pencil and mail it to Purple Porch Co-op, 123 N. Hill St., South Bend, IN 46617
    • Answer all that apply to you.
  2. If any licenses or certificates are required for your product from the ISDA, MDA or USDA and/or Indiana Egg Board and/or certified kitchen, please include these documents with your application. We must receive a copy of those documents before reviewing your application.
  3. Once approved as a Producer (usually within one week) - Please set a time to have a one hour orientation with our General Manager.  At this time, you can set up a new username in the online shopping system.  We'd like you to do this even if you're not planning on benefiting from the online ordering system.  It offers an opportunity for you to tell the public about your business.

Producer Investment And Surcharge

  1. The Co-op collects a 10% sales surcharge on all sales with a cap at $100 per Wednesday.
  2. We normally issue you a check for 90% of sales the Wednesday following sales - see below for more information.

Expectations of A Purple Porch Market Producer

  1. You need to either grow or produce the food you sell.  This is a Local Producer Market - We do not allow Market participants to re-sell food from other farms or producers. (case-by-case exceptions for those that have arrangements with other approved producers to sell their products).  
  2. We value transparency.  We encourage customers to ask questions about your growing methods (or ingredients that you use) and expect producers to eagerly share information about their products.
  3. Producers must provide and handle their own 10x10 canopy (optional, but usually necessary), table/chair and sign.
  4. Market hours every Wednesday 4:30-7:30 pm (5:00-7:00 pm during cold months).  Setup no earlier than 3:30 pm and no later than 4:20 pm.  We need producers to be here during the entire market hours to help convey an thriving Market environment for customers.  If you know that you're not able to do this a certain week, we ask that you not participate
  5. We encourage all producers to utilize our online ordering system.  This is a good marketing opportunity and you do get a better sense for the amount of food you need to bring.
  6. You will be paid by check for 90% of sales no earlier than 7:30 pm the following Wednesday.  PPC will withhold a maximum of $100.