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Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes are posted to this page roughly a month after each board meeting, because A) the minutes must be prepared by the secretary; and B) the board must approve the minutes at the next board meeting, possibly with corrections.  The minutes are posted after that.

December 20, 2012

PPC Admin

Board Directors Present: Tama, Paige, Dan, Myles, Susan, Pat, Chris, Matt
Other Present: Greg Koehler, Manager

Meeting began at 7:37 

    1. Approve minutes from last meeting - Unanimous

    2. Committee reports - 2 minutes each

    3. Building committee (Chris or Greg)

      Our architect Greg Kil did a first version of the design for the new building. We are permitted 2 revisions. He will come up with two exterior designs. We will be able to use these designs to get estimates on the costs for the different versions.

      We applied for the Interior Improvement Grant from DTSB, about $3500, and were successful. It will pay for sinks, mop basin, two toilets, two bathroom sinks. We will pay for them before the end of 2012 and the supplier will store them for us.

      Chris has talked to a few builders about taking off the roof and building up a new roof. The rough estimates were encouraging, but they can’t be detailed until they have a picture.

        4. Membership committee (Dan)

          Facebook ads – he’ll update Greg

          “Share Ten” hasn’t worked. House parties have gone well. They don’t have access to the current, updated list of members. Greg intended to share it with everyone using Google Docs, but neither Dan nor Pat can access. We will address this.

          As of today, we have:

          164 members paid in full
          220 members total
          We have not reached our goal of 300 by the end of the year but we have made great strides.

          Bags and shirts:

          300 shopping bags, recycled plastic, with logo: $450
          T-shirts: 600 for $3600 (cheap); organic, made in USA, $7000

          The committee would like to put in an order by the end of next week. It is a local producer, in Granger. It would be advertising, or membership project. Paige suggested another vendor. The committee will make a recommendation.

          The money for the bags will come from…. [We’ll discuss this below.]

            5. Community outreach (Myles)

              Myles and Tama: Since the great event of the press release:
              Myles visited East Bank Village and updated them on our work and progress. He received enthusiastic interest from the guy from Barnaby’s (John Stratagos), who would like to use local garlic. Bruno’s is also interested.  BrewWorks (Drew) is managing the State Theater. We could cross-advertise with them. Drew is very excited. We could do a cool movie-poster thing.

              Myles presented our work to Granger Rotary. They were interested, and asked very good questions. The lunch club for the Elkhart Rotary Club has 200 members. Greg knows the manager, as does Myles, from Green Drinks. We could speak with them.

              Email Myles with ideas.

              Summer events: Take Back Art Beat (with Pizer), earlier than Art Beat.

              Upcoming events:

              Green Drinks.
              Earth Friendly Eating with Judith Robleski, Jan. 12. Tama usually does it but can’t this time.
              TEDex Talks, IUSB, in January.
              Kroc Center: Transitions Michiana: Margie Pfeil is organizing it.
              Dan can speak at one of those things.
              Paige can also help. This is her last board meeting.
              ND Faculty newsletter article on Myles (Carol Bradley)

                6. Member loans (Susan)


                  • Using a guide to Coop Member Loan Campaigns, it seems that it is effective to divide the campaign into Planning and Implementation phases
                  • Typically there are three roles, divided among three people: Coordinator, Caller, Collector
                  • First we need to meet with a lawyer with experience with coops, because there are a lot of technical and legal questions.
                  • Susan will serve as the Coordinator. We will constitute a committee and get started.
                  • Myles and Paige are willing to help.

                    7. Legal matters (Matt)

                      Until Jan 1, 2017: We pay insurance and property taxes ($500 a month) to Sonja and Gabor. After that we will pay $166 a month and begin to address the principal.

                        8. Treasurer's report (Matt)

                          We have $15,000 in the bank today but some still has to be withdrawn. We broke the record (all days all year) by $800 on Wednesday: $6000+

                          Year profit and loss (Greg)

                          Building expenses (architect, dumpster) come from equity shares

                          We have spent the table fee, and more, on advertising.

                          We are just about where we predicted for the year. November and December were very good. This is all despite the lack of fruit for the year.

                          9. Manager's report (Greg) - 5 minutes

                          Greg spoke with Emmy Dawson who will beef up the newsletter and will post recipes.

                          A St. Mary’s class is interested in working with us (Global Food Systems, in Anthropology, Laura Edler). They could help us do a survey about 1) things members would like to see sold, and 2) things members would like to sell. They will help get this done early on, through consultations with us.

                          10. Pat's letter: governance, transparency, and other matters - 45 minutes

                              A. Next steps

                          Organization: Announcing meetings, with advance notice. A communal calendar would be helpful.

                          The website/newsletter position that Emmy will fill would be responsible for the calendar, or someone who can keep track of meetings. We need to announce the meetings to the members. This would be easier if the meetings were consistent. If changes are made, they should be announced in enough time. We want to avoid the impression that the meetings are closed. Dan will ask Emmy the first week of January.

                          Having an agenda is helpful. Tama would be happy to have help in advance setting the agenda, well ahead of the meeting. The executive committee would meet and post the agenda by the Monday before the Thursday meeting. We could post it on the website.

                          We discussed how to use board meetings effectively: for decisions, updating, assigning tasks.

                          We also have a) standing committees b) ad hoc committees c) the membership.

                          Much of the brainstorming should be done in the committees. They could bring their ideas for decisions to the board. Some fundamental issues could then be voted on by the membership.

                          For deeper and more significant questions, we could have different kinds of meetings, such as retreats with a limited agenda and adequate time to prepare.

                          We need to be clear about the role of the board, committees, officers.

                              B. Retreat to discuss vision

                                      A lot of decisions hinge on the business plan and the design.

                                      We plan to hold a retreat this the first week of January. Friday, Jan. 4. 9 am –

                                      12 at Susan’s house. Susan will facilitate, and will pre-circulate an agenda.

                                      Those with items to consider will provide, in advance, relevant background

                                      Materials that can be circulated.

                          11. Manager, project manager, coop manager - job descriptions - 10 minutes

                              A. Need: sets limits

                              B. Process

                              C. Time, people

                          We can spend some of the funds from the member-owner funds to move the project along.

                          Nail down job description: Myles and Pat would be willing to help Greg work on this. They will meet Dec. 27 9 am at Pat’s. Greg will email them the stuff he does.

                          Project Manager (temporary) – Greg (or someone else, theoretically)

                          General Manager (current and future) based on what the board thinks the general manager should be doing. Myles will bring this to a board meeting.

                          Myles and Tama will meet on Jan. 3, lunch, to talk about community outreach.

                          12. Replacing board members – 15 minutes

                              A. Process: If someone steps down, the board nominates replacements

                              B. Particular case: Pat is stepping down. Wendy Betz Chapman has been

                                      suggested. Passed unanimously. She is interested and enthusiastic.

                          13. Coop holiday party? - 5 minutes

                          Nobody is jumping to host it.

                          14. New business?

                          Tama: talked to someone from the College Football Hall of Fame about the awning and shelving. He will call us once the ownership is clarified, and plans to give it to us. It closes tomorrow. We would have to figure out how to account for donations if we get them.

                          Chris would like to clarify the bag costs: We will purchase them, and sell them for $2 (a 50 cent profit) each. We could take the money from advertising. This was approved.

                          We need to approve a budget at the first meeting. We need to vote on officers too: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer

                          Meeting adjourned 8:59

                          Respectfully submitted,
                          Susan Blum, Secretary, Purple Porch Co-op