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Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes are posted to this page roughly a month after each board meeting, because A) the minutes must be prepared by the secretary; and B) the board must approve the minutes at the next board meeting, possibly with corrections.  The minutes are posted after that.

February 21, 2013

PPC Admin

In attendance:
Board: Tama, Chris, Wendy, Matt, Dan, Myles
Manager: Greg
Member-owner: David Warkentien

Called to order 7:36pm

1. Approve minutes from last meeting - 1 min.
        * approved by general consent w/o modification
2. Committee reports
        A. Standing committees
                * Membership committee (Dan) - 2 min.
                        * Earth and Arbor Festival, Apr 20, Howard Park
                        * poster -- working with Patty Reddy on design; $100 from co-op
                        * shift of focus:  active shoppers -> members
                        * brainstorming member-owner benefits           * Community outreach (Myles) - 2 min.
                        * aiming for March FF w/ Junk Evolution, Circa Arts
                        * $50 as a "House Party" for this
                        * themed dinner groups
                        * Brew Werks fundraiser this Friday; PPC provides some food
                        * Maha Luna co-op may be opening cafe in EBV; want to be collaborators, not competitors
                * Manager's and Finance report (Greg) - 2 min.
                        * since Jan 1: 50% increase over last year
                        * member equity collected $43,400
                        * spent $8,025
                        * reimbursed $3,560
                        * expenses
                                * lawyer $1,581
                                * architect $4,775
                                * rent starting tomorrow $515/mo
                        * 223 full-equity member-owners (30 over last month)
                        * 65 payment plan member-owners
                        * Greg's been shoveling the new building's sidewalk (thanks Greg!)
                        * DTSB façade grant
                                * preapplication due in March
                                * numbers due in Apr
                                * Greg will continue working on the grant
                        * IUSB business class is "thinking about" PPC           * Treasurer's report (Wendy) - 2 min.
                        * recommendation:  hire Dave Aranowski as our accountant
                        * small local firm that works with local businesses
                        * basic bookkeeping and payroll $80/hr
                        * corporate tax return $600-900 depending on profits
                        * $500-800 for bank loan (one-time cost)
                        * Greg's accounting in QuickBooks is fine, but there's more that we can do
                        * e.g., IOUs as accounts receivable
                        * approved hiring Aranowski by general consent
                * Legal report (Matt) - 2 min.
                        * signing the lease tomorrow

        B. Ad hoc committees
                * Building committee (Greg, Chris, Matt) - 10 min.
                        * floor plan is more-or-less set
                        * general concern about appearance of the NE corner in the latest design from Greg Kil
                        * generally fine with rest of proposed plan
                                * like: outdoor seating, windows in NE corner
                                * want: rain barrels, green edging for roof
                        * Dave Matthews' architect is looking at the exterior
                        * estimates that included raising the roof ranged from $200,000-600,000
                        * what if the member-loan committee is $50,000 short?  $100,00?
                                * push back opening date
                                * alternative sources of funding: crowdsourcing, grants
                * Member-loan committee (Myles) - 2 min.
                        * working on language for letter, pamphlet
                        * nice paper:  $60 for 350 inserts; approved by general consent
                        * other ways to raise capital:  co-op grants, Community Reinvestment Loans, crowdsource, Program-Related Investment, soliciting loans from local businesses
                        * short promotional video -- with Lynn King, to use in member-loan campaign, future crowdsourcing
                        * current target about $300,000
                        * need for a general fundraising / capital campaign committee

3.  Old Business
        * Greg's job description (Myles) - 5 min.
                * approved by general consent w/o modification
        * revised business plan - 10 min
                * approved by voice vote

4. New Business
        * Co-op Grocer's Network (Greg)
                * $400/year
                * would provide deli manuals and job descriptions
                * approved by general consent
        * First Fridays
                * community outreach (Myles) coordinating w/ Junk Evolution, Circa Arts for March
                * Dan will be there to talk up PPC, answer questions, etc.
        * Restaurant Week with local food
                * strong interest from Mark McDonald (LaSalle Grill, organizer of Restaurant Week)
                * Summer Restaurant Week June 24 - July 7
                * PPC Feed the Hungry can apply to be one of the charities for the Wine Walk
                * Mike Keane really interested in scholarship fund for prospective member-owners
        * Ignite Michiana
                * March 28
                * very structured, 5 minute talk
                * PPC has a slot; Chris will represent us, coordinate with Myles

5. Other?
        * Grant writer:  Piper Crisovan

Adjourned 9:14pm