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Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes are posted to this page roughly a month after each board meeting, because A) the minutes must be prepared by the secretary; and B) the board must approve the minutes at the next board meeting, possibly with corrections.  The minutes are posted after that.

January 17, 2013

PPC Admin

Present: Tama Crisovan, Chris Hebron, Wendy Betz-Chapman, Greg Koehler, 
Matt Doppke, Dan Hicks, Myles Robertson, Susan Blum

Commenced at about 7:30pm

1. Approve minutes from last meeting
	+ motioned, seconded, approved
2. Committee reports 
	A. Standing committees
		1.	Membership committee (Dan)
			+ bags have been ordered
			+ painting windows -- hopefully by Februrary 1
			+ reaching out to Central High, other "nearby" apartment and 
				condo complexes
		2.	Community outreach (Myles)
			+ First Friday: $100 for pamphlet; serving PPC food at Junk Evolution; 
							 Wendy will be there February 1
			+ Off Beat ("East Beat"?): in June; this year involved, but not leading
			+ Local business engagement: Molly Moon will talk about PPC at Ignite 
				Michiana; Myles and others will help her prepare her talk
		3.	Manager's report (Greg)
			+ 193 full equity members; 61 on payment plan
			+ sales first three weeks of 2012: $6,500
			+ sales first three weeks of 2013: $11,500 (+77%!)
			+ member equity collected to date: $30,810
			+ member equity spent to date: $6135
			+ reimbursed $3560 from DTSB
			+ expenses in near future: lawyer fee, architect fee, rent
			+ SMC and IUSB classes working with PPC this semester
		4.	Treasurer's report (Matt)
		5.	Legal report (Matt)
			+ waiting on final issues about title and building insurance
			+ probably sign land contract next week
			+ need a Directors and Officers policy / insurance
	B. Ad hoc committees
		1.	Building committee (Greg, Chris, Matt)
			+ gathering quotes for demolition
			+ working to get preliminary plans to gather preliminary bids
			+ need numbers for member loan campaign
		2.	Member-loan committee (Susan)
			+ meeting next Tuesday
			+ 3 roles: organizer (Susan), callers, collector (Judy Wein)
			+ aim: money gathered by end of March
			+ will PPC continue to be a non-profit?  apparently for-profit is 
				better for legal reasons; this would require at least Board 
3.  Old Business
	a.	Follow-up on retreat
	b.	Greg's / General Manager's job description (Myles)
		+ and Project Manager
		+ has gone through one round of draft and revisions
		+ will go through one more round; for Board approval by next meeting
		+ will not include health insurance, but will include language that we 
			"will work towards" this over the next few years
4. New Business
	a.	Elect officers
		+ Tama: president
		+ Susan: vice-president
		+ Wendy: treasurer
		+ Dan: secretary
	b.	Approve store principles/mission statement/guidelines
		+ overwhelmingly approved by membership
		+ minority reservations:  meaning of "prefer" and "reasonable"; 
			competition between store and local producers; will we sell our souls?
		+ Board approved overview
		+ will continue to revise and debate rationale
	c.	Approve budget
		+ 2013 expected to have a net loss
		+ this expectation is not unexpected: every small business loses money the
			first year; goals for member loan campaign will include a cushion to
			cover this loss during the first few years
		+ budget designed to be pessimistic:  high estimates for labor costs, low 
			estimates for alcohol sales
		+ vigorous discussion, especially ways of managing labor expenses
		+ approved; Board thanks Greg for the research he did to put this budget
	d.	Professional development budget
		+ included in budget
		+ upcoming events:  Transition Michiana; Everybody Eats 2.0 (Lansing, Feb 
			23); Food Co-op Initiative Up and Coming 2013 (Bloomington, March 1-2); 
			Food Justice and Peace: Bringing Theory and Practice Together 
			(Lansing, Apr 12-13)	
	e.	Discuss member-loan options (including D. Hurley’s suggestion) (Susan)
		+ crowdsourcing: for particular items; to deal with out-of-state loan rules
		+ program-related investments (PRI):  if we're not nonprofit then we won't 
			qualify; may be useful if we want to work with other organizations, 
			such as St. Vincent's, in the future
	f.	New producers (Matt)
		+ Rabbit Moon now also does coffee
		+ Carrot cakes producer has new name, still does carrot cake
5. Other?
	+ role of / options for deli:  design for store will be flexible
	+ hopefully Board will approve preliminary plans for store on February 9
	+ debrief on Earth Friendly Eating, Jen Starks' / Holistic Moms house party
	+ screening of documentary American Meat February 7, 7pm, Jordan 117 (ND)
	+ support Ivy Tech Culinary Arts dinner?  maybe we can contribute produce?  
				or support in exchange for a consultation? 
Adjourned at 9:38pm