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Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes are posted to this page roughly a month after each board meeting, because A) the minutes must be prepared by the secretary; and B) the board must approve the minutes at the next board meeting, possibly with corrections.  The minutes are posted after that.

September 18, 2014

PPC Admin

Present:  Susan, Nathan, Chris, Quinn, Heather, Tama, Judy, Greg (GM), Bethy (Employee Rep), Matt Doppke (Member-Owner and Produce Manager), Molly Moon (Member-Owner),

Started 7:34 with quorum

Approve minutes

Minutes from 8/21/2014. Approved 5-0

Update on recent events: Grand Opening, The Sign

Events went well. Record for both store and cafe. Board thanks the staff, volunteers, and all who made the event possible.

Manager’s Report / Financial situation

Liz and Anita are still meeting and emailing with Greg. Things aren’t happening as fast as we’d like to. But we are making progress. The books and the reporting are getting very close, and have just a few unresolved issues.

2013 corporate taxes have been filled.

NDFCU approached Susan at grand opening to following up about a line of credit.

USDA local food grant will be decided the end of September.

We are starting wholesale to Smoothies Crepes and Coffee.

On good terms with UNFI, based on our purchases, they will give us 7% discount. This is because it our purchases from the quarter were at least $3k a week. We get a further discount when we reach $4k a week.


Discussion on walk-in cooler. In October, an ad-hoc committee to investigate options/benefits/longevity, etc.

Producer Relations

No motions.

Marketing and Communications Committee;

Membership Committee

Adding members including two ND undergrads. Flyers are designed. Bags are designed. Susan brought up the idea of a student membership.

During the membership drive, a free bag will be given to new members if they pay their full equity at the time of becoming the full member. That mean, if when signing up to be a member, they pay $200 equity (or the $100 self-identification low income), that person will receive a bag.

Bags will not be free for current members or new members on a payment plan. The membership drive bags will be available to purchase at a price for members.

Any student may qualify for the low income membership.

Community Committee

Tama is working on Double Your Bucks grant for Indiana, this would benefit the farmers market.

We are in the top three in the State for accepting food stamps.

Personnel Committee

Review of GM will begin soon. Will survey Board, managers, staff.

Strategic Planning meeting/retreat

Tabled until we have the new Board. Clarifying relationship between Board and GM will also be tabled until new Board.

Annual meeting

Knights of Columbus will be the location. GM will reserve it. We will have a working meeting on Oct 2nd. Susan has identified/been contacted by 4 people.

Susan and Quinn will meet regarding changes to the bylaws.

GM will send an email asking for board member elections. Also will announce the annual meeting.

Liquor License

Quinn will form an ad-hoc committee to pursue the cost/benefits of liquor license. Will advise board in the future.

Overall Board Goals for remainder of 2014

Tabled until next board meeting.

Meeting ended at 9:09pm.