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Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes are posted to this page roughly a month after each board meeting, because A) the minutes must be prepared by the secretary; and B) the board must approve the minutes at the next board meeting, possibly with corrections.  The minutes are posted after that.

December 18, 2014

PPC Admin

Present: Susan, Quinn, Nathan, Judy, Heather, Tama, Bethy (Employee Rep), Chris, Greg (GM), Molly (member-owner), Maureen (staff), Sarah (staff), Myles (staff), Gracie (staff), Matt (staff)

Quorum Reached at 7:36



11/20/2014 Minutes

Approved 5-0

Staff appreciation

Should board pay an employee bonus? About 15-16 employees. Board suggests that GM places a holiday tip jar for customers to contribute to end of year bonus. Board members, if possible, will individually contribute to this fund. Board will

Employee Update

Bethy gives her report. Kudos and good things. Suggests board could help find the funds to support employee’s potential (such as an employee teaching a one-time cooking class). Judy summarizes it as a “grant” where employees could write a short proposal for funds.

Bethy’s experience with the membership drive is that the low income option is not being emphasized enough. Potential members are not aware of the low-income option or the payment plan.


Ancon has sent an email about our outstanding bill. We are close to getting an additional loan from the credit union. The loan would pay the Ancon bill. The loan should be finalized by earlier January.

Nathan is preparing a draft letter for member-loan holders. Nathan will have it by January board meeting.

Producer Relations

After holidays, there will be a producer/Matt meeting to help producers plan for the next season.

Marketing and Communications Committee;

Membership Committee

Planning events for now in months in advance. So we have a consistent planning

Six applicants so far for marketing position. Will interview in January. Person could potentially start by end of January.

Personnel Committee

GM survey was sent out to GM, board, staff, producers, customers.


Discussion of budget. Some changes and clarifications. The labels on 4020-4028 need to be fixed. Motion to approve the proposed budget pending this change 7-0.

Proposed budget will be available to member-owners from 12/19/2014 until 1/8/2015, in accordance with Section 5.16 for the bylaws. After which the board may adopt the budget for the entire Co-op.

Walk-in Cooler

Discussion with board, staff, member-owners about all aspects of the walk-in cooler. Motion to make decision about walk-in cooler tonight 4-1 (2 abstain), motion carries.  Decision was not made.

Upcoming events

  • January 2: First Friday: Suggested theme: “Detox”: tea/kombucha and other fermented foods/juice. Tag line: Resolve to (join?) the Co-op
  • February 6: First Friday: Love Your Co-op Party: Price of admission: bring a non-member. Raise money for a permanent liquor license ($750; we’ve raised about $300)
  • March 6: First Friday
  • March 21 (Saturday, 4-6): First Anniversary Party! Spring! Kid-friendly, with cakewalk (could sell baking ingredients at a discount in anticipation)
  • April First Friday: Grow Here!: Seeds, seed-sharing