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Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes are posted to this page roughly a month after each board meeting, because A) the minutes must be prepared by the secretary; and B) the board must approve the minutes at the next board meeting, possibly with corrections.  The minutes are posted after that.

October 16, 2014

PPC Admin

Present: Quinn, Chris, Susan, Nathan, Greg (GM), Bethy (Employee Rep), Heather (late), Judy (late), Tama (late)

Meeting started at 7:35 when quorum was reached

Approve minutes

Approved 4-0

Annual Meeting

Heather taking notes about brainstorming improvements. Heather will post in Event folder.


GM suggests that Anita, Liz, GM, and Nathan will meet to work on 2016 Budget. Discussion of checking on Budget every month and reporting to Board. Projections as well. GM and Nathan will prepare draft budget for Nov Board meeting (distributed to Board 1 week before, 11/13). Board will discuss 11/20. Vote on 2016 budget scheduled for Dec Board meeting.

Standing committee reports


Nathan met with Liz r/t budgeting our member-owner loan debt. Liz is developing Nathan’s original spreadsheet. Nathan and Susan will communicate about date of first loan payment and plan communication to loanee

Producer Relations


Marketing and Communications Committee;

Membership Committee

standing meeting every two weeks. working on membership drive. Bags wont be free. GM will put it on the Wednesday ordering and then place order for bag.

Community Committee

Nathan is working with Maple City Market about working together. Meetings will continue. Maybe try to have a movie showing at DeBortolo theatre and talk.

Personnel Committee

Revised job description. Discussion of how to use job description as an evaluation tool. Vote on changes will be given by email. Board will send questions and comments r/t new job description. Quinn will email for vote 10/21, vote due 10/23 by email.

Manager’s Report (See attachment)

Revenue is up, starting from the grand opening. Wholesale has helped a lot. Discussion r/t employee satisfaction and how to get appropriate resources to GM as needed.

Raw Pet Food proposal

Discussion on selling raw milk as pet food legally. Even though it is absolutely legal, the Board has questions about risk to insurance, employee training, USDA grant. Proposal to stock and sell raw pet milk in store with appropriate training for staff and license. Resolution fails 1-4-2

Produce: Local versus Imported

Much of the produce in the store is not local. Major issues are storage, having consistent supply, packaging and presentation of local produce is another issue (GM mentions that Hebron Farms is good at this). Produce Manager needs to be planning now with farmers for next season’s needs. Board would like to see an increase in local producer sales. Producer’s relations will meet with Matt and draft a policy. They will present this to the Board at future meeting.


Initial meeting will be monday

Upcoming events

October 16: Food Movie at UUC

November 7: First Friday