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South Bend, IN 46617


Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes are posted to this page roughly a month after each board meeting, because A) the minutes must be prepared by the secretary; and B) the board must approve the minutes at the next board meeting, possibly with corrections.  The minutes are posted after that.

January 15, 2015

PPC Admin

Board Members: Susan, Quinn, Bethy, Mike, Chris, Earl, Nathan, Marie, Molly (via Skype), Tama (late), Abreah (Employee Rep),

Greg (GM)

Member Owners: Jessica, Litasha, Nilani, Myles, Maureen,

Quorum reached at 7:32pm

Good tidings and gratitude

Introductions, quick histories

Approve minutes from Board Meeting, December 18, 2014

Approved 6-0-3

Standing committee reports


Employee Update

Aubrea is new the new employee rep.


Nathan is writing a letter to the member-loans interests that are due this year.

Producer Relations

Heather has resigned from the board (and the producers relationship committee). Committee is looking to explore more producers at market. Should work with Myles.

Marketing and Communications Committee;

Membership Committee

Marketing job is down to two finalists. Marie asks how the grant will provide cash flow for the employee. GM is not sure if there is an advancement for payroll. GM leaning towards using grant reimbursement option. Important to figure this out before determining a start date.

Community Committee

Nothing to report.

Personnel Committee

Needs to be rebuilt after director turnover.

Manager’s Report

Report and balance sheet and profit and loss were distributed before board meeting as requested.

Year end (for 2014) report will be made by GM when december numbers are done.

EBT should be back into 2-3 weeks.

Directors and Officers insurance is renewed for 2015.

Dotera Essential Oils would like to sell oils and give classes and presentations. The board has no concern regarding their ideas and direct them to talk further with Myles and/or GM.

Credit card

A credit card might be beneficial for us as a co-op. The ability to have 30 days to pay. Questions about having a person apply and if that person is liable. Mike will talk to several contacts regarding getting a credit card.

New Officers

President - Susan

Vice President - Chris

Secretary - Quinn

Treasurer - Nathan

All approved 10-0.

Chris promises to be much more available to Susan this year.

Officers will try to develop a pipeline to develop new officers.

Walk-in Cooler

Motion to approve walk-in cooler location as in GM proposal (North-side of building, in front of north-side office window, inline with mural):

Votes are: 5-2 with two abstaining, motion carries.


Regarding deciding proposal of the cooler:

  • What is the warranty on the  on the cheapest walk-in cooler?

  • Can Stafford-Smith come down on your price?

  • If everything is equal, we’d like to spend the least money possible.

GM will follow up and email within a week. In we are able

Alcohol license: Board liability; insurance tabled

Committee assignments

Went over standing committees, at next meeting directors will

Member Patronage Rebate

Patronage rebate for 2014 are not Section 10.8 of our bylaws

Member withdrawal from co-op

A member-owner has asked to terminate her member-ownership and receive her equity returned. Upon receiving written request, in accordance with Section 9.4 of our bylaws, the board approves of returning this member-owners equity upon termination. Approved

10 - 0


General Manager Review


Annual Report


Annual Calendar

Would like someone to organize and maintain a calendar of events.

Board orientation


Board goals for the year



  • social gathering
  • business gathering table

Executive Session


Meeting ended 9:37pm

Next Meeting: January 29th at 7:30 pm at the co-op.