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Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes are posted to this page roughly a month after each board meeting, because A) the minutes must be prepared by the secretary; and B) the board must approve the minutes at the next board meeting, possibly with corrections.  The minutes are posted after that.

Board Meeting Minutes, June 16, 2016

PPC Admin

Attending: Chris, Nick, Danielle, Eli, Tama, Mike, Molly, Fred, Greg

Absent: Russ

1. Housekeeping

  • Approved minutes from May 19  meeting

2. Member-owner input opportunity

  • No visitors

3. Manager’s Report - Greg

  • 730+ member-owners, averaging 1.8 new people per week
  • Store performance metrics continue to look good:
  • Sales / labor hour increasing 
  • Labor as % of sales is constant; if it goes low, could be a sign of abusing workers and if it goes high could be a sign of inefficiencies
  • Margin minus labor is trending flat
  • Switching remaining employees to hourly status by year end.  The policy will be that everyone works 40 hours a week or less, or they get paid overtime.  In the past, some kitchen managers worked too many uncompensated hours.  Their workload has become more reasonable.
  • Looking for ways to bring employees to a minimum of $10 / hour.  City is moving there, BrewWerks is there already.  We want to hang on to good employees.  The cost would be an additional $500 per week or $2000 / month.
  • Marketing events
  • next First Friday: July 1 (American as …)
  • Art Beat: Aug 20
  • First Friday on October 7 (Oktoberfest theme)
  • WVPE sponsorship continuing
  • Building: parking lot needs resealing.  With neighboring stores, talked to a likely provider.
  • Local sourcing
  • Market night RV has increasing, peaked around 5% of total RV
  • Discussion about the level of business and number of providers
  • Small number of producers at present for a variety of reasons, but a couple of new ones will be joining the mix soon.
  • Local products continue to make up a higher % of overall RV, trending upward steadily

4. Danielle reports on financial statements:

  • P&L: loss for May, reflects the unexpected payment for 3 years of property taxes: $11K+; Questions about amount, last month the tax plus penalty was reported to be $6000; Danielle will look into that; Aside from the taxes, May was almost as good as April.  Memorial Day had an impact.
  • Balance Sheet: total equity up for May despite profit loss; must be new membership

5. CDS consulting decision:

  • Eli talked to Ralph K Morris Foundation about the likelihood of a leadership grant to help underwrite the cost of a CDS membership.  Typically $300 to $500 can be granted, but the Foundation person recommended a higher request; no guarantee, but a higher amount might be granted.  They like to see additional support from other funding sources as well.
  • Molly presents arguments for subscribing, including very positive info from calls to GMs at co-ops in Buffalo and Kalamazoo
  • Mike presents arguments for alternative actions
  • Motion to buy the consulting for the remainder of the year is unanimously approved by the board
  • Molly will be the point person to make the arrangements
  • Around a half dozen people will be able to go to the CDS session in Chicago on July 9.  Possibly some employees as well.  Need to firm up and make car-pooling arrangements with Maple City
  • Mike to look up customer survey suggestions and develop a draft survey for member-owners with Chris and Greg
  • Eli, Tama and Molly will work on the Morris Foundation grant

6.  Food Justice Summit:

  • Eli and Tama are developing a plan to bring together the different groups in the local area who are concerned with Food Justice issues
    • Want PPC to sponsor a meeting
    • Proposing September 24
    • Maybe in Charles Martin Center
    • Asking for a supporting budget of maximum $500 from PPC
    • GM agrees to support the project at that level

7. Chris proposes an executive session of the Board; officers agree to meet on June 30 at 7:30 pm

8. Meeting ends.