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Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes are posted to this page roughly a month after each board meeting, because A) the minutes must be prepared by the secretary; and B) the board must approve the minutes at the next board meeting, possibly with corrections.  The minutes are posted after that.

Board Meeting Minutes October, 2016

PPC Admin

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 20, 2016

Attending: Russ Pierce, Eli Williams, Tama Crisovan, Mike Geglio, Chris Hebron, Molly Moon, Fred Myers, Greg Koehler

Absent: Nick Licina, Danielle Meersman


Agenda reviewed - no changes

Minutes from September 22, 2016 approved

No member-owners visiting

Local Food Summit, Indianapolis - Molly

Molly reported on the conference she attended October 6.  Her notes are very extensive, posted here

Purdue extension at the Ivy tech campus, 250 attendees

Focused on food hubs, centrally located facilities organized to store/process/distribute/market local and regional food products: ‘Buy fresh, buy local’

Sara Stewart from Unity Gardens gave a great presentation

USDA AMS deputy director presented on related grants

Discussion of food security programs: SNAP/EDT

Board Candidates

So far, 2 candidates for 3 openings: Chris and Russ.  No responses to the email and web post requests for interested member-owners.

By-laws prevent nominations from the floor during the annual meeting

Annual Member Meeting October 30, Langlabs:

Molly will arrive at 3:00 and set up

Mike and Fred will check off member-owners as they arrive from a list and provide them with ballots

Mike will prepare a draft of the ballot for review by the board

Advertising: Greg will update the PPC Facebook account and invite members to the event

Email notifications have been sent to member-owners

Potluck; Molly has table cloths; Mike will bring paper plates and plastic implements for people who forget to bring their own

Eli is arranging musical entertainment

Mike will take minutes of the meeting

Russ will be primary presenter and will bring a projector

Greg will report on the PPC status

Molly will report on the consulting progress

Russ will explain the by-laws

Mike will run the election

CDS Ends Retreat for Board: Russ will work out a time with Joel for early in the new year.

Renewal of contract with CDS:

Discussion about the value of conference calls.  Some found them to be of less value than hoped.  Greg stated that he has been satisfied overall, and one call in particular with Russ and Joel was extremely helpful to him.

Greg appreciates the experience with other coops and boards that Joel brings

There may be more benefit in GM-focused issues are this stage of our development

A renewal notice has been received.  The cost for next would be $5600.  Some concerns expressed that if we drop the affiliation with CDS we would fall away from Policy Governance practices.  Generally positive comments about continuation.  Mike proposes that we decide at the November board meeting when Danielle and Nick are present.  Russ to notify CDS that we will vote on the issue in November.

GM Quarterly Report:

Greg suggests that we begin evaluation of his reports by following the steps in the Decision Tree.  The first step is whether all Board members had reviewed the reports and come ready to discuss them.  Mike had not, so the decision tree result is to reschedule and discuss at the next meeting.  

Greg gave some explanation of report formats and terms.

Discussion of a capital campaign to increase assets, perhaps by making preferred shares available to member-owners

Greg has been banking $500 weekly to prepare for payment of loans coming due in the next months and years

Overall very positive comments about the GM reports

Greg wants feedback on his interpretation sections of the reports and his plan for bringing the co-op into compliance

It is important that all board members review these documents so we can discuss them in detail in November.  The report document is

16Q3 GM monitoring report B1.pdf

located in

Board Meetings - Agendas, Minutes, Materials >

Manager Reports >

2016 Manager Reports

Winter Market:

Greg presented data about sales and revenue from the Market and from local and regional products sold in the store.  The report is in the folder 2016 Manager Reports (7.g above) and is called

PPC Farmers Market and the sales of local products.docx

Greg proposes to not move the market to the inside of the co-op store when the outdoor season ends this fall.  Market products earn the store 10% per sale, while competing products are in the freezer or on the shelfs and bring in 30%, often from a higher base price.

Long discussion with widely varying reactions:

This could damage the customer/producer relationship

How would open CSAs be fulfilled?

The data clearly shows the limited revenue value of market to the co-op in the winter, and Greg’s point about the impact on sales of in-store goods makes sense

Is it appropriate for the board to weigh in on this issue, isn’t it entirely operational?

Greg stated his intent to find a way to work this out to the benefit of co-op, producers and member-owners.  No resolution at present.

Meeting ends.