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Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes are posted to this page roughly a month after each board meeting, because A) the minutes must be prepared by the secretary; and B) the board must approve the minutes at the next board meeting, possibly with corrections.  The minutes are posted after that.

Board Meeting Minutes September 2017

Jacob Titus

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2017

Attending: Molly Moon, Nick Licina, Fred Myers, Chris Hebron, Myles Robertson, Mike Geglio

Absent: Eddie Forero, Danielle Meersman





  • Agenda review

  • Minutes of last meeting reviewed

    • Mike has not yet completed collecting COI forms.  The forms need to be stored digitally in the Board’s Google space and hard copies will be stored at PPC.

    • Minutes of last meeting were approved and accepted


Owner-Member comments and discussion

  • Krista Bailey and Marsha Heck attended the meeting.  Krista presented 3 questions to the board.  She stated that other member-owners had approached her with similar questions after the board’s decision to change co-op management:

    • How are the recent actions of the board aligned with the stated vision, mission and values of the co-op? Do the actions indicate a shift in the vision, mission and values?

    • Is there a timeline for dealing with the confusion resulting from the change, and the subsequent impact on the staff, member-owners and larger community?

    • When will the financial implications of the decision be made public?

  • Krista said that she did not expect immediate answers, but she wanted to ensure that the questions were captured in the board minutes.

  • Marsha said that she attended in support of Krista, and did not have questions or statements of her own, except to recommend the benefits of restorative practice to promote reconciliation and promote healing in a community.  She noted that pain and confusion inevitably resulted from the board’s action, and her concern was that actions like this should be carried out in a way that builds community and strengthens relationships.

  • Myles spoke on behalf of a member-owner who could not be present.  The Citizens Action Coalition is working to raise awareness of a proposed I&M rate hike, and to organize opposition to it.  Information and petition forms will be left at the store for people to learn about the proposition and to register their disapproval.


Candidates to fill Board vacancies:

  • Member-owners Sarai Godwaldt and Charlene Rountree have both made known their interest in filling current vacancies.  They each submitted personal statements and met twice with Nick and Molly. Based on their interactions with the candidates, Nick and Molly endorsed them for membership on the board.  

  • A motion was made for Sarai to fill the vacancy created when Tama left.  All present approved.

  • A motion was made for Charlene to fill the vacancy created when Russ left.  All present approved.

  • Molly offered to notify the new board members and welcome them to the board (action item: Molly).


Candidate Election Packet:

  • Nick proposed that, in order to ensure that other agenda items were covered, this item be removed from the agenda.  Instead, since the documents are available in the Google drive, board members should review them and add comments to them for future discussion.  (action item: all)  All members present agreed.


Policy C7: Board Committees

  • Nick noted that the policy calls for charters for each committee, to ensure a common understanding of the purpose and deliverables and duration of each committee.  We discovered at a recent board meeting that we did not all agree on the purpose of the Finance committee.  Nick proposed that he meet with Danielle to develop a charter for the Finance committee. (action item: Nick)


GM Reports

  • Ends Statement interpretation: Myles used a slide show to step through his understanding of the Ends Statement and how he thinks the co-op measures up.

    • 40% to 50% of food sales are local products

    • Staff hourly pay are within the range considered ‘living wage’ by the city of South Bend

    • Management pay are not significantly higher than staff, which is probably not good for attracting and retaining managers

    • The co-op is focused on farms that use sustainable methods

    • The co-op does not have the reputation as a leader in the areas above within the community that it deserves

    • Myles noted that where necessary he will compromise in favor of financial health over locality and sustainability in order to maintain the co-op.  

  • B4 - Membership:

    • Myles considers that we are out of compliance in our public documents.  We do not do enough to make sure potential member-owners are aware that equity repayments may be withheld, depending on the financial status of the co-op.  People need to be fully aware of the risks when they join.

    • A 3 month membership drive will begin in October.  The goal is to recruit 57 new member-owners by December 31, or 19 new member-owners per month.  Front end staff will be the primary recruiters.  To reward the staff recruitment efforts, 10% of the new equity will be applied to some kind of staff (incl kitchen staff) event if the monthly goal is met.  The goal for the year is to reach $15,000 in new equity (currently at $7565, 64 member-owners).

  • Equipment:

    • Myles recommends that we acquire a new deli case.  He is shopping for a replacement of the same size.  The first estimate has come in at $10,000.  A new unit would be more energy efficient.  The current unit is 35 years old.  It has required maintenance a few times during the year because of inability to keep temperature within the necessary range.  This has resulted in some food waste.  The actual refrigeration unit is on the roof, and would not be replaced.  He intends to get more quotes.

  • Rising Stars seminar:

    • Myles reported on the seminar he recently attended.  40 participants, co-op managers from all over N America.

    • A CDS consultant was one of the presenters

    • Chief learning: personnel is the key to success

    • Next year, Myles would like to send the kitchen and front end managers to seminars

    • Myles wants to develop financial reports by store departments for analysis to see if any cannot be successful

    • Purple Porch needs to improve communication within the community

  • General Outlook:

    • Staff appears to be energized

    • Staffing in the kitchen is still a concern

    • Staff development is a huge priority

    • Efforts are underway to compile data for analysis from POS system



  • Mike to work on preliminary responses to Krista’s questions (action item: Mike)

  • Next meeting agenda items will include the following items:

    • Board education plan

    • Board budget

    • The B1 Financial reports


Meeting adjourns