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Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes are posted to this page roughly a month after each board meeting, because A) the minutes must be prepared by the secretary; and B) the board must approve the minutes at the next board meeting, possibly with corrections.  The minutes are posted after that.

Board Meeting Minutes January 2017

PPC Admin

January 12, 2017
Attending: Russ Pierce, Eli Williams, Tama Crisovan,Nick Licina, Fred Myers, Chris Hebron, Greg Koehler, Mike Geglio
Absent: Molly Moon, Danielle Meersman

Agenda Review:
Russ proposes to defer the Deep Dive into Our History discussion to focus on the Idea Warehouse.  Members agree.

Review and approve last meeting’s minutes:

Open Member Time: no guest members are in attendance.  

Idea Warehouse:
Russ and Greg talked to Thane about the new downtown grocery store that will open in a year or so.  The question facing us is how to prepare for that.  What should we do next?  Thane suggested that we brainstorm to produce a collection of ideas, and then we pull general themes from ideas that overlap.  The following ideas were collected:
Junk Evolution is closing in a year.  Can we find a use for the space?
Start a repair club: damaged objects would be brought to a central location where experts would show the owners how to repair and maintain the objects.
Second cafe location (recently suggested by a representative from Ignition Park; not sure how serious this person was).
Use the store roof space for some purpose
Consider selling the current store and property, which may be valued as high as $350,000.  Pay off the mortgage, buy another building for $150,000, use the remaining funds for renovation and to pay down debt.
Generate a separate non-profit organization for new grant funding
Start a business coop.  The store could become the center of a small business retail environment.
Develop a commercial kitchen to rent out as an incubator for food business start ups
Second cafe location in the Music Village building
Increase cooperation with Maple City Market
Buy a truck for food and merchandise deliveries
Food truck
Sunday morning - or other off hours time - have breakfast or other meal events, farm to table.  Could serve as a trial run for a larger enterprise.
Partner with local breweries for more events, like Oktoberfest.  Use the rooftop space.
More emphasis on local products
Store location could become a hub for local small food businesses
Expand the use of currently available space
Encourage other entrepreneurs
By type of business (ex: food)
By location
Second cafe
Mobile / location / delivery
New location
Events (dinner / brewery partners)
Become a local force as a food hub
Start a community of local businesses
Discussion on proposed pace of Vision / Ends discussion, targeted to complete in June / July
The new grocery store will not be a driver.  For most of our business customers are driving past grocery stores already.
Need to be deliberate about approaching any new big idea.  The effort will take time.  We need to become profitable in the long term.
We need to be careful to not lose momentum, and we need to provide guidelines to the GM in time to make a difference this year.
Some urgency to stake out existing customer loyalty before the new grocery grabs them; but new tenants will arrive with the store, so that presents new opportunities.
Supposedly 1000 new dwellings are planned for downtown and adjacent neighborhoods
The board should move faster and meet more often
Thane suggested that we allocate 5 of the 15 consulting hours for GM coaching.  Members agree.

2017 Annual Members Meeting:
A few hundred dollars are budgeted for the event
Proposed date: weekend of April 21 - 23
Location: suggested that it be closer to the store
Heated tent in the parking lot
Knights of Columbus hall
Zion UCC hall
Lauber building
Wine tasting? Beer? Whiskey?
To Do:
Greg to talk to Myles about Lauber
Nick to look into Render
Greg to check on tent and heater rental (reportedly $1000, too much)

Board Elections:
Open recruitment notification needed
Also recruit specific good candidates
Target number of board positions: 9
4 positions opening, as a result of AMM date change:
One position should be a 2 year position so that in the future we will always have 3 open up

Financial Subcommittee Charter:
The board agreed in December to create a subcommittee to work with the GM.  The charter of the group includes two responsibilities:
On a monthly basis to preview the GM’s financial reports for format and content with the goal of helping to design the most useful presentation for quarterly reports to the board;
To evaluate the detail behind the summary quarterly report, to ensure adequate progress is being made in areas of board concern.
Danielle met with Greg once in the last month.  

GM update:
Greg reviewed the Profit and Loss statement for the year 2016
Revenues can probably be increased in the next year
Margin of profit can probably go up in the next year
Want to increase the number of member-owners this year
Want to get the member-owners to shop at PPC more regularly

Wrap up:
Russ will schedule a meeting on February 7 or 9 for a discussion of the PPC history.  We are hoping some of the original members can join us.

Meeting adjourns