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Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes are posted to this page roughly a month after each board meeting, because A) the minutes must be prepared by the secretary; and B) the board must approve the minutes at the next board meeting, possibly with corrections.  The minutes are posted after that.

Board Meeting Minutes November 2017

Jacob Titus

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 28, 2017

Attending: Molly Moon, Nick Licina, Danielle Meersman, Charlene Rountree, Myles Robertson, Mike Geglio

Absent: Chris Hebron, Fred Myers, Eddie Forero, Sarai Godwaldt




Owner-Member comments and discussion

  • Krista Bailey attended to follow up from responses to questions she had raised at the meeting in September

  • October meeting minutes are not in the PPC web site yet (Mike to follow up: later the board realized that October meeting minutes are not approved until the November meeting, which is why they are not yet published as of the November meeting)

  • Krista emphasized that other members had approached her and stated that the GM change felt too sudden and that there was a lack of transparency around the decision

    • Board explained that the co-op consultants recommended that once a decisions was made, the transition should be very quick

    • Member-owners have not approached board members with concerns about the GM change, or drift from the mission or the lack of transparency. Krista says she has encouraged people who talked to her to convey their questions and concerns to the board.

    • The staff of the co-op had been informed by the interim GM immediately upon the change in a special meeting.

    • The board agreed that more effort should be made to make the member-owners aware of who the board members are to enable communication of concerns. Pictures of board members can be added to the PPC website to make recognition easier.

    • Quarterly financial statements are available to member-owners upon request. The consensus is that the quarterly statements and other financial documents are not public record as they may contain proprietary or competitive information. As a result, they should not be published on the PPC website or distributed to non-members.

    • Meeting minutes review and publication will follow this schedule:

      • Minutes will be saved in the board’s google space and  available for board review by the Sunday after the Tuesday meeting;

      • board members should review and send corrections to the secretary by the following Tuesday;

      • corrections will be made prior to the next board meeting;

      • the board will review and vote on approval at the next meeting;

      • approved minutes will be sent to the GM for posting on the PPC website upon approval.


Minutes of last meeting reviewed and accepted



  • CLBD agreement with CDS has been signed and delivered

  • Finance committee charter is completed and saved in the board’s google filespace

  • Candidate Election Packet:

    • Minor corrections suggested and applied

    • Mike and Nick to review and publish final version this week

  • Tentative February presentation

    • Blue Zone representatives may make a presentation to all member-owners in February. Co-op products may be available on-site.


Yearly reflections (what went well? How do we incorporate that?):

  • The board redefined their job, and then started to learn how to do it

  • We need to take more advantage of what the CDS consulting has to offer

  • There has been more consistency and focus; the board has been more effective

  • We are developing the ability to make hard decisions

  • Biggest challenge is how to stay on task


GM Reports

  • 2 staff members went to CDS training in Minneapolis

  • Maureen met with Brad (GM Maple City Market) on aligning PPC books with co-op standards

  • B5 Treatment of Consumers compliance

    • Sub-policies are all in compliance

    • Planning coffee with GM / drinks with GM: opportunities for consumers to interact with the GM

    • Focus on sales data to determine what works well, because purchases tell us what people want

    • Research and replicate other co-ops’ successes

  • B6 Treatment of Staff compliance

    • Not in compliance with sub-policies 1, 2 and 4

    • 1: employee handbook is not complete; will be by Jan 31, 2018

    • 2: communication with front staff is easy, but not with kitchen staff. As a result, the GM will schedule regular GM/Kitchen Management meetings.

    • 3: in compliance

    • 4: cooks and clerks need updated job descriptions

      • Plan to grow sales per labor hour to bring key position wages to correct rates

        • Need to grow sales

        • Need to increase margins

        • Need to cut costs

    • 5: in compliance

  • Member-owner drive: 51 new member-owners reached for 4th quarter so far

    • Goal was 48, still a month to go

  • Solar at $17K; need $20K. Confident we will get there.

  • December 21, winter solstice ‘Here Comes the Sun’ concert planned to raise additional funding at a member-owner’s home. $25 per person.

  • Holiday staffing: arranged with former employees to fill in to allow current employees to take time off.

  • Participating in DTSB holiday window decoration competition

  • CDS training in 2 weeks in Traverse City on open book management. Myles and another staff person may go. Cost for sessions are free.

  • Gift basket orders are taking off. Large orders from different organizations.

  • Board votes to accept B5/B6 reports


Board Calendar 2018 review

  • Includes an Appendix that shows all listed CDS class for the year.

  • The line for GM reporting has been completed by Myles and Nick

  • The line for Board monitoring will be completed by Charlene

  • Events are being added for community engagement, some are already in the planning stages.

More work will be done by Charlene and Nick and the Calendar presented for discussion, review and approval at the December meeting.


Email lists: two lists, too confusing. Get rid of old one and update new one.


Discussion about limiting member-owner input to 5 minutes. Member-owner input is welcome, but it can be impossible to stick to the planned agenda if open-ended.


Meeting adjourns