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Board Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes are posted to this page roughly a month after each board meeting, because A) the minutes must be prepared by the secretary; and B) the board must approve the minutes at the next board meeting, possibly with corrections.  The minutes are posted after that.

Board Meeting Minutes March 2018

Frederic Myers

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 27, 2018

Attending: Molly Moon (by phone), Nick Licina, Danielle Meersman, Chris Hebron, Charlene Rountree, Myles Robertson, Fred Myers, Sarai Godwaldt, Mike Geglio;

Guest: Judy Shroyer




Minutes of last meeting reviewed and accepted


Retreat Date: July 13/14

  • Review and approve changes to Policy Register

  • Discuss capitalization campaign

  • CB101, Kalamazoo May 5 - extend to new board members, interested co-op staff or member-owners


Board Election Updates

  • Candidate slate to be sent to Myles by Mike for publication: Nick, Fred and Judy


Capital Campaign

  • Research for available grants (Nick and Genevieve Crum)

  • Maple City Market has been working on a similar campaign; they need more time to finalize their plans


Policy Register Committee (Sarai)

  • Some minor tweaks to wording and formatting.

  • Sending the draft to Thane for review

  • Saria will present to the rest of the Board at the next meeting

  • Goal is for the Board to approve the changes at the retreat.


Habitat for Humanity event planning

  • We want member-owners involved as well as Board members

  • Hoping for 10 participants

  • Saturday Sept 22


Annual Meeting Committee

  • Nick talked to a representative from the Maennerchor Social Club, 219 Sycamore St in South Bend (by Fire Arts). The location is available, tables provided, for $50.

  • April 22, 11:00 to noon

  • Nick and the manager will set up at 10:00 am

  • Voting will be held at 11:30 (in-store voting will be available from 8:00 am April 16 to 8:00 pm April 21), and the results announced as soon as the votes are counted

  • The event will be posted on Google Calendar and FaceBook, emails will be sent to member-owners, and a poster will be set up in the co-op store

  • The slate of board candidates will be posted in the store on April 7

  • A store neighborhood cleanup will be arranged for prior to the meeting, and store grounds landscaping for after the meeting

  • Projector for the meeting: Nick will check if the Maennerchor can provide; Saria and Danielle will check on availability of alternates

  • Review potential questions and answers: Corby’s April 10, 6pm to 8pm


New GM evaluation process

  • Monthly calendar projects the expected deliverables

  • Mike will capture the presentation and response data at meetings, and then copy to a Google worksheet in the format Thane shared.

  • Comments can always be added later, with dates of entry

  • Actions Taken refer to board actions

  • Compliant status refers to board opinion

  • May want to review with GM quarterly

  • Motion to follow this plan offered and approved


GM reports: B4/B5

- sales data helps understand something about member-owner needs

- 2 or 3 comment cards are filled out weekly

- staff record comments they overhear;

- Health Dept visits once a year for inspection

- GM reported compliance across all subtopics

- Board followed the decision tree on each report and accepted the reports.



GM: State of Co-op February - March

  • 1st 13 week metrics, compared to last year same time span:

    • Sales growth

    • Sales/labor hour

    • Labor as % of sales

    • Basket size

    • Customer count

    • Number of employees (may account for lower customer count)

    • Labor cost / pay period

  • First payout on this year’s member-owner loans went out today

  • EBT reader functioning after 2 week outage. Now integrated directly with CoPOS (functionality existed but we did not know how to implement), which means saving $700 on fees.

  • Jacob Titus employer, CodeWorks, is spreading his work across 4 people instead of just Jacob. This will save PPC $100 monthly.

  • Kitchen:

    • Katie is halfway through period as interim manager, and doing well

    • Menu items moving from those requiring high labor effort to some others requiring less skill and time

    • Kitchen labor high compared to industry standards

    • Head cook left PPC, but replacement is doing well

    • Cross-training between some front staff and some kitchen staff is underway

    • Produce section is meeting industry standard metrics

    • Jessica and Heather share management of the front area. Jessica set some performance goals, and so far we are meeting them

    • Had to dip into savings for member-owner loan payments to handle the penalties reported last month, but should be back on track with $5,000 replaced at end of this month

    • Myles is leaving May 31 for vacation, working with Heather and Maureen to manage responsibilities in his absence


Proposal to push April board meeting to May 1 due to busy April; no objections. May meeting will remain at May 22.


Introduction of board candidate Judy Shroyer

  • Prior member of PPC board

  • Professional background in the local courts system

  • Experience on multiple boards


Conflict of Interest Statements: proposal to renew annually for all board members; no objections.


GM evaluation input reviewed; Nick to meet with others to fully define comments and recommendations to deliver to Myles on April 10


Meeting adjourns