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South Bend, IN 46617



Community "Goat Nickels"

Many of you know that we have been giving you 10 cents for bringing in your own reusable bag.  We think we can do better – for our environment AND community. We would like our customers to help us donate to a few valuable community organizations, while at the same producing less waste.

  • Bring in your own reusable bag (or just refuse a bag, or reuse one of our boxes), travel mug, salad bar container - and we’ll give you one Goat Nickel for each (maximum of 5 per visit). 
  • By dropping it in the jar of your choice, it represents a donation of 5 cents to the community organization that jar represents. 
  • By the way – it’s not a secret – by Purple Porch donating 5 cents instead of spending money on a new bag that would likely end up in the waste stream (recycling), the Co-op saves money.  So, good for your environment, good for your community and good for your Co-op.

Want to help do more than 5 cents? 

Well, keep reusing those bags (we have some beautiful PPC cloth bags for purchase, by the way).  But seriously – we welcome your donation toward the causes.  You may “buy” donations at the cashier and we’ll be sure that gets added to the tally.


Robinson Community Learning Center


IUSB Center for a Sustainable Future

The Center strives to engage the campus and greater Michiana communities in creating a future focused on the "triple bottom line:" choices that are good for people and the planet, as well as profits, and that take into account ecological and social performance, are promoted and encouraged by the Center.

Purple Porch Producer Grant

Grants for Local food producers.  Those within a 60 mile radius of PPC will be able to apply for a small grant - for a piece of needed equipment, help pay for a grow house to extend the season, develop a new product that can be sold in our store.  In a nutshell, we hope that the small grant will help them be more successful and provide greater opportunities for Purple Porch to make sure that we continue to support our small businesses.