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Calling Local Food Producers!


Calling Local Food Producers!

PPC Admin

... for our Wednesday evening Farmers Market.  We'll be moving things outdoors as soon as the weather permits.  Our big kickoff to the warm season will be Wednesday, May 25 - but you're welcome to get started as soon as you have products.

Please visit our Local Producer Page to learn about the process for becoming a Producer in the Purple Porch Co-op Farmers Market.

Producer Requirements:

  1. Fill out an application - submit - and get approved by PPC Staff (usually within 7 days).
  2. You need to either grow or produce the food you sell.  This is a Local Producer Market - We do not allow Market participants to resell food from other farms or producers. (case-by-case exceptions for those that have arrangements with other approved producers to sell their products).  
  3. We value transparency.  We encourage customers to ask questions about your growing methods (or ingredients that you use) and expect producers to eagerly share information about their products.
  4. Producers must provide and handle their own 10x10 canopy (optional, but usually necessary), table/chair and sign.
  5. Market hours every Wednesday 4:30-7:30 pm.  Setup no earlier than 3:30 pm and no later than 4:20 pm.  We need producers to be here during the entire market hours to help convey an thriving Market environment for customers.  If you know that you're not able to do this a certain week, we ask that you not participate
  6. Parking - there is not parking available for producers on the Purple Porch property.  There is plenty of street parking, but we ask that you save the nearby spots for customers.
  7. We encourage all producers to utilize our online ordering system.  This is a good marketing opportunity and you do get a better sense for the amount of food you need to bring.
  8. You will be paid by check for 91% of sales no earlier than 7:30 pm the following Wednesday.