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123 N. Hill St
South Bend, IN 46617


November 4, 2016


November 4, 2016

PPC Admin

A Message from our General Manager

I'd like to take a moment to speak to our 600+ active Member-owners.  Thank you for your ongoing support as part-owner of Purple Porch Co-op.  If you ever think to yourself - "Wow! I just really love the Co-op and I'm so glad it is here in our community - but what can I do to help?"  I have a two-pronged answer for you:

  1. Get your friends and family to join as Member-owners.
    The $200 equity share may not seem like very much to a business - but when you add it up: 20 new Member-owners equates to $4000 in equity. That kind of money goes a long way for a small business.  And remember - when you purchase that $200 equity share - you are supporting a downtown small business that supports other small businesses in our community.  
  2. Shop at the Co-op. 
    We only ask that you use the Co-op as a grocery and provide the staff with feedback so that we can truly make something that serves the Members' needs.  Get this:
    • If just half of the active Members were to spend $10 more per month on groceries or cafe food that is equivalent to an additional $36,000 in revenue for the year
    • But really - we would like to be a higher shopping priority for you.  If that same group were to spend $10 more per week on groceries or cafe food - now we're talking about $156,000 in additional revenue.  After bills that allows us to strengthen our ability to pay a fair wage to employees, pay back Member-owner loans that allowed the store to open, and eventually start returning the profit back to Member-owners as a co-op is intended to do.
    • The more you shop at the Co-op the greater our buying power gets - and we will be able to lower prices while still maintaining the margins necessary to succeed as a business.

Upcoming Events

First Friday - November 4 (5-8pm) - Zen Cafe will offer tastings of their Direct trade coffee from Honduras - Everyone is welcome! More info here.

Wednesday - November 9 about 4:45 - A group of children will do a skit on how to keep foxes out of the chicken coop.  Sure to an be entertaining education for our producers and any backyard chicken folks.

Friday, November 18 - Whiskey on the Porch - Locally distillery Indiana Whiskey will be on hand with some unique cocktails using their whiskey and Purple Porch's mixers.  More info here.


Ordering is Friday noon through Monday 7pm - Click on the link and Bookmark it in your web browser.  Everyone is welcome to use this online ordering system. Or just show up - meet your local producers on Wednesday 4:30-7:30pm.