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August 4, 2016

PPC Admin

It's Better than a Bank!

Today is the First Thursday of the Month!  Member-owners have the opportunity to plunk down some cash (in the form of cash or check)  and save some cash.  As one of our Board Directors has said - "It's better than a bank."  

Changes are a-brewin'

a message from your General Manager, Greg

Matthews, LLC made it publicly known that they are in the process of developing a space in downtown South Bend for a grocery store (see Facebook post at  In fact, this space is the Commerce Center which is literally two blocks away from our grocery store Co-op.  And no, sorry to say, Purple Porch Co-op has not been asked to be this new store. 

As GM, I thought it would suitable (and transparent) that I share some preliminary thoughts about this:

  1. I understand why Purple Porch was not asked to be that store and it does hurt my pride a bit.  Of course.  But this isn't about my pride...
  2. I honestly think this is a good sign for downtown South Bend.  I’ve had some time to mull on this (I knew about it a couple months ago), gritted my teeth and then came to the acknowledgement that this really is a good thing for downtown South Bend.  I know that smart developers take calculated risks and this is a good indication that downtown South Bend is growing.  More food downtown!  That's great!  And, as a small business purveyor, I welcome another locally-based business – Martin’s. All told – a greater population density will surely be good for the Co-op as well.
  3. That said, a full service Grocery with such close proximity to the Co-op will be very challenging for our business. 
  4. But I am optimistic.  We have grown and learned so much during our young existence.  Purple Porch Co-op will thrive.  We have some time to hone what we do best and continue to serve our Member-owners and customers in an increasingly competitive climate. 
  5. You will already see some changes in the store/cafe.  These changes were in the works before this news.  But validated by a self-awareness that we need to continually make PPC as good as it can be.  I'm happy to say that we are approaching our 3 year mark as a bricks and mortar store.  We have a lot to be proud of - and it has everything to do with our amazing staff and loyal Member-owners and customers.
  6. For certain – we will continue to be a model for a different way of doing business. As a co-op, we rely on the investment of and exist for the community.  And our business will continue to respect the triple bottom line – working toward financial success, while considering social concerns especially of our local community as well as world-wide, AND environmental impact of both the production of food and of operating a busines.   


Ordering is Friday noon through Monday 7pm - Click on the link and Bookmark it in your web browser.  Everyone is welcome to use this online ordering system. Or just show up - meet your local producers on Wednesday 4:30-7:30pm.   

Member-owner Sales

Look for the YELLOW price tags in the store (not to be confused with the unfortunately similar color of yellow-green) that has MBR SALE! on them.  We're passing on the savings to our Member-owners.

In August, look for sales on:

  • San Pellegrino 6-packs of soda
  • Wallaby Organic Yogurt (32oz)
  • Kind granola/breakfast bars (boxes)
  • Organic Valley Whole Milk (6.75 oz - great for the kids' lunches)


Last Year Purple Porch won the Culinary Arts Award!  Once again, we'll be making and selling refreshing slushies and kombucha at the DTSB Art Beat in downtown South Bend on August 20 - 11am-7pm - in the culinary arts village.  Consider volunteering.  We'll need some helpers.  We have a sign-up sheet at the store.  

PPC Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors meets once every month - Third Thursday 7:30pm - 9:30pm.  The first 10-15 minutes are always reserved for Member-owners to participate. As a Member-owner - you are welcome.  Do you have questions for the Board?  Ideas on how to make the Co-op better?  This is your time.  Next meeting is Thursday, August 18.

NOTE: Thanks to Board Director Fred Myers, we are now meeting in the lower level of EmNet - just down the street from the Co-op in the Emporium building.  Go in the front door and down the stairs on the left.  There is another way to get in - with only a few exterior stairs - in the back.