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October 16, 2017

Jacob Titus

Help Us Solarizing Purple Porch! We're Almost Halfway There!

In an effort to live our value of environmental stewardship and to save some money on our energy bills we are proud to say we a pursuing solar at Purple Porch. We're partnering with Inovateus Solar, a locally owned and operated solar company, to make this happen. Inovateus are leaders in large commercial solar installations but they love what we do and stand for at Purple Porch and are happy to work on a smaller scale for our project. For just $20,000 (about half the price of other quotes we received) we can cover our roof in a 15kW solar array. So far we have $8,000 committed to this project through donations and we're looking to get the remaining $12,000 committed by the end of October. If you would like to contribute or want further detail please contact Interim General Manger Myles at

Groceries are prime candidates for solar because we're consuming a lot of energy 24 hours a day through refrigeration. This means anytime the sun is shining we'll have the demand to consume what we produce. Over the course of a year we'll off-set approximately 15% of our total energy consumption. That may not sound like a lot but that 15% is the equivalent to the electricity consumed by two average US. homes, approximately 20,000 kWh annually.

If installed we'll be able to use this project as an educational tool for the community, save money, and reduce our carbon footprint. It's a win-win-win for sustainability in our community.


Message from the Interim GM - The Push to 1000


In Spring of 2014 when we opened we had 350 member-owners. Fast-forward 3.5 years and we have 970 member-owners! Many of the 620 member-owners we've added during that time came in the first year as we reached a whole new crowd of people after moving into a great location. Now we find ourselves in reach of 1000 member-owners, a number we've dreamed about for a long time. We're ready to make the push to get us there by the end of 2017.

Internally, the staff has spent time talking about why we work here and why we are member-owners. Each of us values something different about PPC. I see that as a testament to the many ways we serve our member-owners and the community. We've worked to develop strategies to communicate those ideas to shoppers and we've organized a membership drive that keeps us (front staff, kitchen staff, and office staff) working together to meet a shared goal.

Our staff is working hard to help us meet this goal but there are things you, our member-owners, can do to help us reach our goal as soon as possible. Spread the word about what we do to your friends and family. We source from clean sources, supporting dozens of small food businesses along the way. We offer a supportive, inclusive work environment.  We are owned by the community and serving that community is a core tenant of what we do. (The list goes on.) Bring them in for lunch or dinner, or on Mondays and Thursdays bring them in for a breakfast burrito. If you're reading this email and you aren't a member-owner consider taking the leap. Every new membership helps us serve the community better.


This Wednesday - Market and Music


Shop on Wednesdays from 5-7pm to see what our Farmers' Market has to offer. It's harvest season so we've got a something for everyone.