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123 N. Hill St
South Bend, IN 46617



February 6, 2017

PPC Admin


$2 off per pound on ALL local Beef - yeah, you read that right - ALL
In-store purchases only.
Deal through February 18

All of our beef is sourced from farms that do not use antibiotics or hormones and the cows are grass-fed and pastured.

Have you considered helping your Co-op financially? 

We have an amazing loyal group of customers.  As a young small business, we are doing well.  However, "as a young small business" we do experience the same celebrations and challenges as other small businesses.  I (GM Greg) am happy that we have created a food business in downtown South Bend that offers a consistent selection of high quality food with various sustainable attributes - a small business that supports many other small businesses and provides good jobs.

In a downtown with lots of growth happening, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that the Co-op is an important impetus for this resurgence.  A pat on the back?  No - we've got a long way to go.  An acknowledgement that Purple Porch's cooperative business model is important for Downtown South Bend and those that have purchased equity and patronize the store, the market and the cafe are the reason for it!

We recently had a person purchase an equity share as a Member-owner for $10,000! Wow, this was truly awesome!  This new Member-owner still holds the same rights and responsibilities as the Member-owner that purchased the regular $200 equity share: one member-one vote.  But that infusion of cash into the business will help offset the debts we currently hold and help get our business to a position of stability and sustainability faster.  All Member-owners benefit from this - as Patronage Rebates will be issued to you when we make a profit that can be shared among us.

I’d like you to consider a few ways that you too can help our (your) business be sustainable and grow: 

  1. If you’re a Lender of a Member-owner loan that is coming due this year – consider re-investing all or part of that amount back into the Co-op – either as an equity share or another Member-owner loan with interest. (Talk with Greg)
  2. Many of us are fortunate to receive a tax refund this time of year.  Please consider investing some of that money in either an equity share or Member-Owner loan with interest. (Talk with Greg)
  3. More regular shoppers (most of us can do this).  If its been a while for you, stop in and see our competitive prices on organic and local products.  If all of our active Member owners were to spend only $20 per week MORE (on average), our revenue would increase by almost 50%.  Let me restate that.  If each active Member-owner spent only $20 per week more than what they currently do - that would mean an additional $600,000+ for the year.  That means greater stability (for our small business and the small businesses that rely on the Co-op), greater buying power (lower prices), good jobs that pay a living wage,  and sustainability for what has become a destination for Downtown South Bend.

Please talk to Greg Koehler (General Manager) if you'd like to talk about these opportunities - schedule a meeting by emailing

Thank you.


Purple Porch Co-op was founded in 2009 by a handful of people who had a desire to make their community a better place through food. We’ve grown a lot since our early days but still maintain our focus on local, ethical, and environmentally considerate food. Located in the heart of Downtown South Bend, Purple Porch Co-op offers a collaborative work environment that aspires to create an excellent customer experience.

Position: Customer Service and Food Sales

Who should apply? We will favor candidates with enthusiasm for food, sustainability, and creating great customer experiences. The ideal candidates will be flexible in their willingness to perform a variety of duties. The ability to work some evenings and weekends is essential. Previous retail experience is a big plus but not a requirement. Excellent customer service and attention to detail is a must.

Duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Customer Service and Cashiering
  • Receiving and Stocking
  • General Cleaning and Organizing
  • Having fun!

If interested, apply within at 123 N. Hill St. South Bend, IN. For more details contact Myles Robertson at


Ordering is Friday noon through Monday 7pm - Click on the link and Bookmark it in your web browser.  Everyone is welcome to use this online ordering system. Or just show up - meet your local producers on Wednesday 5:00 - 7:00pm (HOURS FOR THE COLD MONTHS).