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June 19, 2017

PPC Admin

Long Live the Co-op!

We do a really good job not bad-mouthing any of our competitors.  We're not about to change that.  

So consider this a reminder that Purple Porch Co-op exists FOR its Member-owners and their needs.  

If you've been paying attention to the business news of the world, you've surely seen the information about Whole Foods being purchased by Amazon.  I'm not going to pretend to understand all the ins and outs of that arrangement.  But I think many can agree that it draws a clear distinction about the motivations of business.  

Purple Porch is a business too.  But while profitability, solvency and liquidity are at the front of our work, we are motivated by community, local producers, co-op workers and environmental sustainability.  

Our Board of Directors this past weekend participated in a special session where they and I (General Manager, Greg) collaborated in the first steps toward developing and "Ends Policy" to complement our already developed "Means Policies" - all toward an improved Co-op Governance.  We'll talk more about this Ends Policy as it is further developed and finalized.  But I am not jumping the gun sharing with you all that Purple Porch Co-op is a small business that goes above and beyond profit and shareholder satisfaction.

In a way - our shareholders are our Member-owners (you've all purchased equity in the business).  Yes, with your patronage, we'll be in a position to distribute the profit that we earn.  But to this day - we have never had a Member-owner complain "where is my dividend?"  No, our Co-op exists for reasons beyond the dividend.  The day we are able to distribute a Patronage refund of that dividend will be an indicator of financial stability - a lot of hard work and loyal customers (that's were the profit comes from).  But we are all striving for something better than a refund check. That makes me exceedingly proud to be the General Manager of our Co-op and continue the good work.  

Try our Farmers Market.  

You may place an order online with our local food producers every weekend for pickup on Wednesday (5-7pm).  This is not only a chance to get fresh quality seasonal produce - but it is a great opportunity to get to know the people behind the food.  

Wednesday doesn't work for you?  Take a look at our Produce department in the store.  As the growing season moves forward, we have more and more diversity of local produce.  Including fresh tomatoes!

Market Music

This week:  Captain Ed Bennet and his Ne'r Do Wells

Let us know what you think.  

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